3 amazing tips for washing your screen printed tshirt

3 Amazing Tips For Washing Your Screen Printed T-shirt 

3 Amazing Tips For Washing Your Screen Printed T-shirt  06Apr, 2023

It goes without saying that we all are very fond of screen printed t-shirts. Nothing can be worst than this feeling if your favourite printed t-shirt fades and loses its actual vibrancy with time. To avoid these unwanted problems and to preserve your printed t-shirt just like a new one then you need to follow a few steps.

Here are a few tips that will help you to preserve your t-shirt just like a new one for years to come -

Flip The Shirt Inside Out While Washing

It may sound obvious but washing clothes always demands extra care and attention to make it long last. Screen printing service in Texas is something that is responsible for creating a delicate product. While washing your delicate t-shirt if you turn it inside out then it will help you to preserve the design with all its brightness and colours. On the flip side if you ignore this tip then it can lead to some unwanted problems like fading, discolouration and more. So make sure to follow these tips to prevent your t-shirt image from fading. 

Avoid Warm Water While Washing

It is highly recommended to wash clothes with cold water rather than warm water until and unless it is extremely necessary. Washing clothes with warm water for a long time can cause shrink, fade, and wrinkle on your t-shirt. For washing, cold water is something that suits all fabrics and can also take care of its design in an effective manner. Not only that you can also save time and energy costs that are associated with ironing by cold water washing especially those clothes that are designed through screen printing in Texas or somewhere else.  

Try To Use Quality Detergent 

One thing that can proactively affect clothes is nothing but detergent. To effectively clean your printed t-shirt you need to pay some extra attention to your detergent quality and as well as quantity. Strong and harsh detergent can cause wear and tear on your t-shirt. So it is advisable to use downy and soft laundry detergent to protect your clothes from wear and tear. Along with that, try to use detergent as much as your cloth requires not more than that. Using detergent in an excessive amount can stiffen your garments. 

Although screen printing designs in Texas or any other place are much more unique as well as durable still it is very important to take care of them. Now you have a clear idea of how to treat your favourite printed t-shirt with care. So just follow these simple and easy steps and maintain their vibrancy.

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