4 expertrecommended tshirt printing and designing processes

4 expert-recommended t-shirt printing and designing processes

4 expert-recommended t-shirt printing and designing processes 17Feb, 2021

Customised t-shirts are ideal for corporate events and staff uniforms. There are several ways to design and create custom t-shirts. If you are planning to create unique customised t-shirts, this blog is only for you. Here we are going to discuss, 4 expert-recommended t-shirt printing and designing processes.


Screen printing process

Screen printing in Texas is one of the oldest t-shirt printing processes that have a number of features and characteristics. This is also known as silkscreen printing technique used to print custom t-shirts for events. As compared to other t-shirt printing techniques, the screen printing process is very economical and is in great demand in Texas.


Key benefits of the Screen printing process


  • Offers you supreme quality prints

  • Cost-effective

  • Creates a soft and durable finish

  • Can print a variety of designs

  • Fast and easy printing solution


Direct to Garment or DTG process

Direct to garment or DTG is a popular textile printing process widely used to print a wide range of custom t-shirts in Texas. DTG requires an advanced textile printer that helps to create complicated designs. You can expect smooth and soft prints from direct to garment method.


Key benefits of Direct to garment or DTG


  • Very complicated & multi-colour designs can be created

  • Ideal for bulk orders

  • Softer & smoother prints

  • DTG printers are compact

  • The fast and accurate printing process


Embroidery process

Embroidery is a common process of decorating fabrics and other materials with the help of needles for yarn and thread. This process also incorporates several like beads, pearls, sequins and quills. In Texas, embroidery is widely used to create custom logos on t-shirts, jackets and caps. This art of stitching is one of the popular techniques of logo apparel decoration.


Key benefits of embroidery


  • Impressive and eye-catchy designs can be created

  • Cost-effective and ideal for bulk orders

  • Fast and effective process

  • Offers versatile printing options


Heat press printing

Last but not the least, heat press printing is a modern t-shirt printing technique which is suitable for small or limited orders. In this process, vinyl is mainly used as the transfer paper. A number of complicated designed can be created by heat press printing process.


Key benefits of heat press printing


  • Simple and fast process

  • Cost-effective techique

  • Complicated designs and logos can be created

  • Offers smooth, durable and high-quality prints


If you want to create designs on bulk t-shirts, you should hire a reputable t-shirt printing company in Texas. They offer the best quality printing solutions at a reasonable price.

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