a brief overview on top 3 tshirt printing methods

A Brief Overview On Top 3 T-Shirt Printing Methods

A Brief Overview On Top 3 T-Shirt Printing Methods 04Oct, 2019

Before creating a beautiful t-shirt, you must choose the right printing method. Frankly speaking, there are several types of printing methods that work well on t-shirt fabrics. Among them, three methods are mostly preferred by the printing experts. They include Screen Printing, direct to garments or DTG and dye sublimation method. These methods are very simple and produce high-quality prints every time. Many printing experts use these methods to make creative t-shirts. Let’s take a closer look at these methods and their advantages.

Screen Printing Method:

This is the most popular and easiest T-Shirt Printing techniques. Most of the printing professionals prefer this method because of its affordability and simplicity. This method is also called silk screen printing. In this method, a nylon mesh and stencil is generally used. The mesh can hold the stencil properly. Different types of designs can be created by this method. In Grand Prairie, Texas many companies offer this printing service at a low cost.

Key Advantages:

  • Very cost-effective for large orders.
  • Excellent designs can be created.
  • Screens are reused and recycled.
  • This method is highly time-efficient.
  • Compatible with different kinds of fabrics.
  • Designs are long-lasting and durable.

Direct Garments (DTG):

After screen printing, DTG is another popular method for making trendy t-shirts. This method is very ideal for creating complex designs. Generally, this method is new in the printing industry. For this process, a DTG printer is needed. However, this printer is quite expensive but it can give high-quality printing. This method works properly on the bright fabrics.

Key Advantages:

  • Ideal for complicated designs
  • Multicolor designs can be created
  • Very fast technique.
  • Smooth and soft prints
  • Give full-color prints

Dye Sublimation Process:

Dye sublimation is very ideal for making prints on light color fabrics and t-shirts. Generally, this method works very well on polyester t-shirts. In this method, you need to use a liquid dye. It starts drying when it comes to contact the poly fabric. After that, you need to apply a certain amount of pressure and heat for the sublimation. Generally, this method is very suitable for preparing large designs.

Key Advantages:

  • Super smooth and sophisticated designs can be created.
  • Produce high-quality prints that are very long-lasting and crack resistant.
  • Very simple process.
  • Suitable for making large designs.

These methods are highly cost-effective and give excellent printing every time. Different styles and graphics can be made with these processes. In Texas, you can find such companies who offer these printing services at a low cost.

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