major types amp benefits of screen printing solutions

Major Types & Benefits of Screen Printing Solutions

Major Types & Benefits of Screen Printing Solutions 07Sep, 2020

Screen printing is the oldest method of t-shirt printing. This is the most simple and effective printing process preferred by many experts in Texas. Are you looking for professional screen printing services in Texas to print your t-shirts? This blog is only for you. Here we are going to discuss the major types & advantages of screen printing services. Let's start the discussion below.

Types of screen printing method:

According to t-shirt printing specialists, the screen printing method is classified into 6 different types. They include spot colour screen printing, halftone printing, grayscale printing, duotone printing, CMYK printing, and simulated printing process. 3 popular types are discussed below.

Spot colour screen printing:

This is one of the common types of screen printing. This method produces a vibrant colour & a great finish. This is a simple t-shirt printing method.

Halftone printing:

Halftone printing is another common screen printing method where multiple colour gradients are printed. This method is ideal for multi-colour t-shirt printing.

Grayscale printing:

Grayscale printing is the best option to print full coloured images as halftones or one colour grayscales. This is a cost-effective t-shirt printing technique.

Benefits of the screen printing method:

Many people in Texas prefer the screen printing method because of its several benefits. This t-shirt printing method has a number of advantages. Some of them are given below.

Great finish:

One of the major advantages of the screen printing technique is that it always gives a great & impressive finish. As compared to other t-shirt printing methods such as dye sublimation, DTG & heat press printing, screen printing produces more vibrant colours. 

Bulk order friendly:

Another major advantage of screen printing is that it is a bulk order friendly technique. You can print a large number of t-shirts.


Many people in Texas prefer screen printing technique because of its cost-effectiveness. In comparison to other t-shirt printing methods, screen printing is very less expensive. Experts offer high-quality screen printing solutions for large orders at an affordable rate.

Long-lasting & durable:

Reputable companies of screen printing in Texas always offer quality printing solutions to their customers. Printed t-shirts can't be discoloured or damaged within a short time. They are durable, vibrant and they last long.

Quick method:

Last but not the least, screen printing is a quick t-shirt printing method. As compared to heat press printing, direct to garments method, screen printing is quite a fast method. Experts can print a large number of t-shirts very quickly.

Screen printing is a fast, eco-friendly & economical t-shirt printing process. It is very ideal for bulk order. If you are planning to print custom t-shirts, hire a good company which offers high-quality screen printing solutions at an affordable price. 

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