tshirt art design elements for creating graphics to customise tshirts

T-Shirt Art Design Elements for Creating Graphics to Customise T-Shirts

T-Shirt Art Design Elements for Creating Graphics to Customise T-Shirts 29Jul, 2021

Since the cool graphic T-shirts are excellent at grabbing attention, so the customized T-shirts with eye-catching graphics are indeed the most effective and cost-efficient way for marketing a business in Arlington or a team. Not to mention, customizing T-shirt graphic art is tricky, and so you have to take help from professional designers and screen printers to your benefit.
Overly complex or crowded graphic designs customized for t-shirts will be unreadable from a few feet. A wrongly chosen t-shirt color for graphic design on the T-shirt will cause overwhelming or muddling to the art. There is no harm in being a trained artist since you can always seek professional guidance from the custom T-shirts designers in Arlington to finalize the graphic art to make it as cool as you have hoped for.
The professionals
As they are professionals, they are trained at customizing the graphic art for the T-shirt designs by analyzing the good-looking, well-reading designs, which will look excellent after being printed, or embroidered on T-shirts. Quality is what is focussed on at every stage.

The Best Graphics Elements Considered to be Customised for T-shirts:

Even if the customer’s choice is the deciding factor, still the professionals follow the necessary design elements for customizing the best graphics for T-shirts.

i. Sizing

Attractive and readable are the keywords for the best t-shirt art designs, but these must never to very big that turns out disproportionate.

ii. Composition

To avoid the words and graphics being read in the wrong orders, the customized contents for T-shirts are placed in the right locations. When there are several elements within the decided design, there are chances for the overall appearance to look jumbled. With a few minor changes in placement will bring out a cohesive appearance to the design. It is like the simplified process of adding a border and creating an outlining shape.

iii. Edging

A few customized T-shirt designs easily grab people's attention even without the order borders, while some others will look much more cohesive with the borders. Here is where the trained designers and printers excel.

iv. Typography

The lines, fonts, and punctuations used on the T-shirts affect the readability and artfulness dramatically. One simple rule that the designers seriously follow is limiting fonts to a maximum of three in every art design for T-shirts.

v. Placement

Asymmetrical T-shirt art is visually centered and these are not solely decided by width.

vi. Colour

More colors indicate more costs in T-shirt printing. But with the halftones, shading can be created, where there is no need for another screen color.

vii. Contrast

The classy-looking choice is the tone-on-tone graphic art designs. But it might not be applicable if the logo has to be recognized from the other side of the street.

viii. Inversions

Designs have to be printed with the right colors and faces so they do not look skeletal or distorted.

ix. Simplicity

Simple and clear designs ensure the readers are not missing out on the intended message.

x. Resolution

Poor quality images will make the design appear blurry or pixilated. So, following professional guidance is a must.

Custom T-shirts designs for your business team should be done according to the requirements of preciseness and clarity, so the audience catches an immediate glance. Thus, it is a must to consult professionally trained designers for the best design, since they will never fail you with their guidance and services.

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