what do you mean by screen printing its process and benefit

What Do You Mean by Screen Printing? It’s Process and Benefit

What Do You Mean by Screen Printing? It’s Process and Benefit 15Jul, 2019

Screen printing is the most common t-shirt printing method. It is also called silk-screen printing. Generally, this process is done by making a screen with the help of nylon mesh and stencil. Screen printing is perfect for printing good-quality t-shirt designs because it offers premium replication of the design. Moreover, this method gives a t-shirt stylish, impressive and unique look that customers prefer. Many companies have started to use this printing method for the mass production of garments.

Let’s discuss this printing process.

Tools required

Some major screen printing tools are screen or frame, brushes, photo emulsion screen printing kit, transparent material, pressurized water, lamp, inks, and squeegee.

Process of screen printing

Screen printing is a very simple technique. Here are some steps that you will need to follow with care.

  • Like any other methods, you need to create an artwork first.
  • After that, you have to cover the screen with the photosensitive emulsion carefully.
  • Now you will need to screen dry in dark or cold room.
  • Once done, you must create the stencil.
  • After that, its time to create the printing.
  • When the printing is done, you need to place the screen on top of the cloth.
  • Finally, you will have to distribute the ink on the screen by using a squeegee carefully.

Benefits of screen printing

Screen printing is a simple technique that offers vibrant and high-quality prints all the time. Some major benefits of this method are:

  • The inks are generally thicker which leads to a high-quality print. There are different types of screen printing inks by which you can create various textures and effects.
  • Another biggest advantage of screen printing is its efficiency. The screen printing process is the quickest method. A conventional screen printing machine can print more than 100 T-shirts in one hour.
  • Screen printing is a very much cost-effective method. So, you can print bulk at low cost.
    This printing method is very much compatible with many fabrics.
  • You can print in multiple colors.
  • It is very much suitable for mass production.

Nowadays, there are many processes available to print garments. They are DTG or direct to garment process, heat press printing, vinyl cutting, dye sublimation process, etc but undoubtedly screen printing is the most versatile process among them. In Texas, Fronted Solutions offer an excellent screen printing service at an affordable rate.

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