which is best screen printing vs dtg

Which is Best: Screen Printing vs DTG?

Which is Best: Screen Printing vs DTG? 29Dec, 2021

T-shirt printing processes are wide but two of them are particularly well-liked. They include screen printing and the direct to garment, or DTG. Both are pretty similar. Both processes are simple and highly recommended by professionals. In this blog, we are going to compare both custom t-shirt printing processes Let's get started.

Screen printing technique
Screen printing, often known as the silk screen printing process, is one of the oldest and most prevalent t-shirt printing techniques. Experts strongly recommend the screen printing process in Texas as it is cost-effective, easy to set up and good for bulk orders. It necessitates the use of a stencil and nylon mesh. The stencil is mostly held in place by the nylon mesh. Using this method, experts can swiftly create a number of designs on t-shirts.

Key advantages

• Budget-friendly
• Good large or bulk orders
• Ink is deeply & quickly absorbed into t-shirts
• Impressive designs are created
• Screens can be reused for other designs
• The screen printed t-shirts durable and long-lasting
• Compatible with different fabrics

Direct to garment or DTG
Another common approach for t-shirt printing services is direct to garment, or DTG. Professionals also strongly recommend this procedure. Direct to garment printing works similarly to traditional paper printing. A competent textile printer and inks are required for the DTG process. This is also a quick and time-efficient method that works with cotton fabrics.

Key advantages

• Multi-coloured and complicated designs can be printed
• An effective and fast technique
• Good for bulk and large orders
• Soft, smooth and long-lasting prints
• Impressive designs can be easily created
• Time-efficient process

Which wins?
Screen printing and direct-to-garment are both popular and frequently employed. However, there are a few key distinctions. Screen printing may be done on a variety of fabrics, whereas direct to garment (DTG) can only be done on cotton. The designs will be drab or less spectacular if you apply DTG on different fabrics. Moreover, screen printing is a more budget-friendly procedure than DTG printing. As a result, the DTG method's labour cost, maintenance fee, and service charge are all high. Furthermore, as compared to screen printing, direct to garment printing necessitates a high level of upkeep. It also necessitates proper handling.

According to the custom t-shirt makers in Texas, screen printing offers more impressive & durable designs at the lowest price. So, if you would like to print bulk custom t-shirts, screen printing will the perfect option for you.

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