4 common custom tshirt design mistakes to avoid

4 Common Custom T-Shirt Design Mistakes To Avoid

4 Common Custom T-Shirt Design Mistakes To Avoid 01Mar, 2022

It's difficult to say no to a nice-looking t-shirt! It is no surprise that bespoke t-shirts or jackets make perfect gifts. They are adaptable and may be utilised by businesses as promotional materials, employee gifts, or to build a sense of teamwork among personnel. Nothing matters than the design when it comes to personalised t-shirts – according to custom t-shirts in Arlington. When making a personalised t-shirt, there are a few mistakes you must avoid at all costs!


There are some situations in which size doesn’t matter. It is really important in T-shirt design. Despite this, people prefer to use standard sizes most of the time. Size must be determined depending on the design as well as the texture of the garment. It may appear bigger than itself, based on the form of the design.

Fonts and typography

Typography is the visual written word component in its most basic form. Typography is mainly used when text is presented or printed. When it comes to a unique design, this can be an art of organising type in a logical manner, selecting typefaces means fonts, ensuring adequate letter spacing & line spacing.

Image quality

Maximum customer–submitted art files suffer from image quality that should be fixed immediately. All too frequently, images are poor resolution. In other words, they lack sufficient pixel information to provide us with the details and quality required for acceptable print quality. When you upload low-quality art assets, we'll usually notify you immediately away and ask if you have anything better. If that is not the case, there are a few things we may take to repair the file.


Last but not the least, contrast is an element of colour selection, but it's a very particular and significant consideration. What is contrast, exactly? It's the visual contrast degree between the image's darker and brighter areas, or how colour tones relate to one another. Bright colours on a dark backdrop will have great contrast. The objective isn't always to get the maximum contrast possible. Low-contrast prints are popular because of their gentle appearance. An attractive and attention-getting design with vibrant colours will enhance contrast layer against the background. It always depends on your customer’s needs.

Custom t-shirts are perfect as souvenirs, presents, or freebies – but only if they’re appealing to the eye & comfortable to wear. Try to avoid these design mistakes to create high-quality, appealing bespoke t-shirts.

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