how to prevent screen printing on tshirts from cracking

How To Prevent Screen Printing On T-shirts From Cracking?

How To Prevent Screen Printing On T-shirts From Cracking? 31Oct, 2023

Screen printing is quite a popular way to get some designs printed with designs printed on t-shirts. From some cool visual graphics to some slogans, all can be easily featured on your t-shirt of choice with the help of screen painting. Screen printing is a relatively easy way to feature a design on your t-shirt of choice. But after printing the design on the t-shirt, you have to spend time maintaining the screen painting on your t-shirt of choice. It is not uncommon to see cracks develop over time on your screen print and affect its look. Here’s what according to screen printing experts in Texas you can do to prolong the life of your screen print on t-shirts and prevent cracks from developing:


Cracks develop when you don’t use the right method to wash your clothes. Firstly, it is quite important to read the washing instructions on your T-shirt. The t-shirt instructions are carefully written by screen printing experts to help you prolong the life of your t-shirt. Thus, if the t-shirt mentions a specific way to wash the said piece of cloth, it is important to adhere to it. It helps to prevent the formation of cracks on the screen print of your t-shirt.

Do Not Wring:

Another thing that screen printing experts ask you to adhere to is not wringing the clothes. Wringing the clothes can lead to creasing and crack development. People wring the clothes to get the excess water out and make the drying process quicker. But excessive wring can affect the graphic on your t-shirt. Thus, even when machine washing your clothes, try to avoid the spin mode to prevent cracks from developing on your screen-printed t-shirt.

Hot Iron:

Screen-printed graphics are particularly sensitive against hot iron. Direct application of hot iron affects the graphics and propels the development of cracks on your t-shirt. Thus, if you need to iron your graphic screen printed t-shirt, it is best to use iron in a cool setting. That way the graphic screen printed t-shirt will not be affected. 

Drying Method:

Be mindful of the drying process. If you are using a dryer try not to keep it for a prolonged time. When air drying the t-shirt with screen-printed graphics, it is suggested by screen printing experts in Texas to turn the fabric inside-out to dry the t-shirt. It helps the fabric to dry quicker and without affecting the screen printed graphics to crack.

These are some of the easy ways to maintain the screen printed graphics and prevent cracks development. For more such tips to maintain your screen-printed t-shirt, you can contact a screen printing expert in Texas. Screen printers will be able to better guide you. 

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