different types of screen printing you can choose from

Different Types of Screen Printing You Can Choose From?

Different Types of Screen Printing You Can Choose From? 14Jul, 2023

Screen printing is a popular way of printing an image or graphic printed on a t-shirt. The image is printed using a mesh screen and a special ink that is transferred to the shirt. It is a cost-effective printing technique and can be used to produce high-quality designs with vibrant colors. The image can be printed on any type of fabric, such as cotton, polyester, or even leather. Screen printing is also very durable and can last for a long time. It is a great way to create unique, custom designs. Here are the four types of screen printing used to print graphics in Texas:

Spot Colour Screen Printing:

The most popular sort of screen printing used in Texas and elsewhere for t-shirt screen printing is spot color screen printing. Additionally, it makes use of the ink's stock shade by printing through the stencil of the screen mesh. Depending on the ink and mesh count used, it will create a thicker coating of ink and a vivid solid area of color. Additionally, it is one of the best for printing on darker-colored clothing. It works well for printing 1 to 4 colors; if you need to print more spot colors, another printing technique, like the simulated process, would be a better choice. For instance, company logos are ideal for spot color printing because they typically do not call for gradients or excessive color.

Halftone Printing: 

Here, gradients of one, two, or more colors are frequently printed. These tones might be anything from lovely halftones of the same color to solid spots. When you want to create the appearance of multi-color printing without really executing it, this screen-printing technique is fantastic. For instance, you can print red on a white shirt and include a 50% gradient if you want to create a pink brilliant color. Using only one screen and one color, the 50% gradient will blend with the white to give it a pink appearance. Direct printing onto the garment improves the graphics quality and results in a softer-feeling print.

Grayscale Printing:

Grayscale printing is a fantastic method for printing full-color images as halftones or one-color grayscales. Photographs in full color can be printed as a one-color halftone. A one-color halftone can also be used to create full-color drawings with a full spectrum of colors. Although strictly speaking, it can be done in any chosen color of ink, it is typically done in black ink on a light-colored fabric. The number of lines per inch employed in the dot pattern will determine the resolution. As a halftone has more dots, the print will appear more detailed. Printing black-and-white photos on clothing with screen printing is a fantastic, cost-effective printing technique.

Duotone Printing:

Duotone printing occurs when two halftones are combined to print the same image in two different colors. On white t-shirts, a black halftone is first imprinted, and then a second halftone is applied using colored ink. A duotone color hue is created when the black halftone and the color halftone mix. It offers prints on light clothing a retro and cooling effect and gives them a full-color print appearance, but at a far lower cost. When printed onto the garment, it results in a print with a softer feel. Additionally, it is helpful for screen printing clothing, particularly on light materials.


These are the common screen printing techniques used by screen printers in Texas to print graphics on your favorite t-shirt. These techniques need a special skill set to get the best possible results. This is why you should contact the best screen printer in Texas to get the best result possible.


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