5 best tips for designing custom tshirts

5 Best Tips For Designing Custom T-Shirts

5 Best Tips For Designing Custom T-Shirts 14Dec, 2022

Custom T-shirts are extremely popular in the business world. Small and large businesses alike use custom T-shirts as uniforms or as a marketing strategy to draw in more clients. Custom T-shirts are used to demonstrate unity and can also be used to support a cause at some special conventions or meet-ups. But some suggestions can be kept in mind for a better design outcome when it comes to printing on custom t-shirts. Although any Grand Prairie custom T-shirt printing shop can offer these suggestions right away. But even before going to a store, one should keep these suggestions in mind. In this manner, you can print custom t-shirts more effectively:

  • Placement Of Design

When it comes to a custom T-shirt, one has to be particular about the placement of the design. Be it a logo or simply the name of the brand. If the design is not properly visible, it will water down the entire purpose of printing custom t-shirts. The placement of the design shouldn’t be invisible to the eye or too in your face. One of the perfect places for placing designs is one the upper left corner of the T-shirt. This will keep the look of the T-shirt crisp, clean and sophisticated. But if you want a little more visibility, then you can ask your custom T-shirt printer in Grand Prairie to go for a big center alignment or even print company slogans or moto at the back of the t-shirt.

  • Colour Of Design

You don’t want the color of the shirt to blend with the color of the logo or brand name. This will dilute the purpose of printing custom T-shirts. Thus, it is better to choose a color of T-shirt that will highlight the logo or business name. You can even ask for help from a custom T-shirt printer in Grand Prairie for help. 

  • Colour Of the T-Shirt

The color of the T-shirt can play an important role in the dilution of impact. While neutral-colored T-shirts such as white and black are popular for custom t-shirts. But you can also select some other colored shirt that goes along your brand’s aesthetic. However, if you end up choosing such a color, you should select the color of the font accordingly.

  • Type Of T-shirt

Depending on your brand’s personality or the type of event you want a custom T-shirt for, the style of the T-shirt can change depending upon it. From the type of neck to the length of the sleeves, all such types of decisions can affect the final result for custom T-shirt printing in Grand Prairie. 

  • Graphics

You wouldn’t want the graphic of the design to be too loud or ill-legible to read. This is why, you should talk to the graphic artist in a custom T-shirt printing store in Grand Prairie and ask for drafts, before going with printing. This way, you can have a clear idea of how the design looks before you send it for printing.

These are some of the tips that you can bear in mind before you go along with printing custom T-shirts for your business in Grand Prairie. This will help you get a more clear and more crisp idea for custom T-shirt printing.

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