5 major advantages of the screen printing

5 Major Advantages Of The Screen Printing

5 Major Advantages Of The Screen Printing 27Feb, 2020

Screen printing is one of the common and popular techniques that is used in t-shirt printing industries. It is a very simple method. In this process, a mesh is used for transferring the ink onto the mesh. Screen printing is very useful for printing bulk orders. It also helps to create designs and patterns. 5 major advantages of screen printing are given below.

Great finish

Another major benefit of screen printing is that it offers a great finish and also produces vibrant colours in comparison to other printing procedures like direct to garments or DTG, dye sublimation, heat press printing, vinyl cutting, etc. It is very difficult to replicate and make a beautiful design by other processes. For this reason, the screen printing in Texas is in great demand. Screen printing also allows for creating custom designs on t-shirts.

Large order friendly

One of the major advantages of the screen printing process is that it is a bulk order friendly process. This means this method is very ideal for bulk or large orders. In Texas, this method is used to print a number of clothes very quickly.


The screen printing process is highly preferred because of its cost-effectiveness. Undoubtedly, this process is very less expensive in comparison to other printing techniques. Many companies in Texas offer screen printing services for bulk orders at a very affordable rate. So, if you are looking for a cost-efficient  t-shirt printing process then you will never go wrong with the screen printing process.

Very fast process

Another reason for choosing the screen printing process is that it is very faster than direct to garments and heat press printing process. The experienced and highly skilled screen printing experts can print a number of t-shirts in a single day. So, if you would like to print thousands of t-shirts quickly then screen printing process can be the best choice for you.

Durable and long-lasting

When you select a reputable screen printing company in Texas for printing a number of t-shirts then the experts always offer a quality service to you. They have years of experience in this field and also they maintain professionalism in their projects. As a result, their designs are very unique, durable. Apart from that, the paint they use in screen printing is very eco-friendly, good quality and also it can last longer.

So, these are the major advantages of the screen printing process. If you would like to print your t-shirts then contact Fronted Solutions. The company offers an effective printing solution at the best price in Texas.


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