can a leased vehicle be leased

Can A Leased Vehicle Be Leased?

Can A Leased Vehicle Be Leased? 17Jun, 2021

Taking a vehicle on lease makes it an affordable way for feeling for different brands and types of rides. But all the leased vehicles are likely not to be available in the designs and colors you are looking out for. So, it is normal that you will make some plans to custom design a vinyl vehicle wrap for meeting your stylistic vehicle needs.

Indeed it sounds fun, but you may not know that it will be posing a problem for the company that has given you the car on a lease. It is almost like painting the rented apartment’s walls - you have to ask the questions and follow the rules as significant for custom vinyl wrapping the leased vehicles.

Talk To Your Lease To Clear Your Doubts

When you have to wrap the car under a lease, then you have to check the contract you have taken before you have scheduled an appointment with the custom vinyl vehicle wrap expert. While most leases will agree to vehicle vinyl wraps as well as decorative graphics. But, all the vehicle lease has a different story to tell. So, you have to clearly and truly understand all the specific provisions, and if needed you should even double-check for confirmation with your leasing agent.

Has Your Lease Been Freshly Painted?

When a vehicle is having a new painted coat on it, then a vinyl wrap is not recommended. In order to fully cure, fresh paint needs a lot of time, not to mention, for drying completely. For dying totally, the new paint job will be taking between 1 to 8 weeks. Until then, you have to avoid vehicle wrap so the integrity of the newly done paint job is maintained.

Make Sure You Are Sticking With the Branded Vinyl

By no means, can you ever risk getting fined by ruining the paint done on the leased car with a non-branded wrap. Your leased vehicle could be in your possession, but you do not own it. When you have applied for wrapping the vehicle you have taken on lease, whether a truck or car, then you must be assured the wrap quality is not tampered with. So, talk to the experts about using the premium branded vinyl since it guarantees the vehicle paint’s protection at the time of being applied.

You Need To Keep A Track of the Recommended Usage Time Frame

Although your graphics and wraps will look absolutely great surpassing their warranty period yet you cannot let the wrap stick on beyond what has been recommended by your wrap expert. When it is beyond the warranty date, then removing the wrap will become very difficult. Then your wrap will be coming off eventually, and due to the diluted quality adhesive, the process will result in scarping, using chemicals, and subsequently risk damage to the paint.

So, when you are all set to wrap your vehicle, then the discussed factors should be a guide to you. Clearly talk to the professional vinyl wrap expert and carefully select specialty designs and quality vinyl. Being specialists in the field, they will help your lease car to become the one you were looking for.

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