high density screen printing

High Density Screen Printing

High Density Screen Printing 19Jun, 2019

Nowadays there are a lot of different processes to print T-shirts. There is the Direct to Garment or DTG process, the Sublimation process, the Heat Transfer process, but without a doubt, the most versatile process is still Screen Printing.

There are just so many options you can have with Screen Printing and today I want to write about one that we don't use a lot, but I love the results that give you on a shirt. The High-Density Screen Printing process.

The High-Density Screen Printing Process of printing a T-shirt is the process in which we use a thick layer of emulsion to create a higher print. This is a great method is usually used for special effects on designs and to make your design pop! The height of the ink can be up to 1/8”. One of the most important parts of this process is the emulsion.

What we need is basically to have a very thick emulsion which is what is going to help up create the volume on the ink. One way to achieve this "thick emulsion" is to coat the screen with several (a lot) of layers of emulsion on the outside of the screen. This can take a very long time, but once you have the thickness desired the process of developing of the screen is the same. Is a good idea to have some off contact when you are printing the T-shirts and is not recommended to have several inks with using this effect in the same design.

Give it a try with your next order of T-shirts ask for High-Density print and you'll see how your designs pop from the T-shirt.

Please come back in the future to read more about screen printing, embroidery and vinyl signs!


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