is screen printing eco friendly

Is Screen Printing Eco Friendly?

Is Screen Printing Eco Friendly? 27Oct, 2021

Everyone living in Grand Prairie and Texas is concerned about the living environment, and to keep up with it, technology has given birth to eco-friendly screen printing. Several factors had caused concerns regarding the effects of screen printing – the shirts, the chemicals as well as the raw materials were found to cause environmental issues. Eco-friendly screen printing has now solved these issues.


So, What Exactly Means to be Eco-Friendly?

Eco-friendly means the screen printing is not environmentally harmful, since the consumption and wastes causing hazards to the environment are significantly reduced. To provide safer screen printing services in Grand Prairie and Texas, the screen printers use to recycle and reuse materials so that the materials are better available in the environment. It is the environment maintenance way without polluting it.


But, Is Screen Printing Indeed Eco-Friendly?

Screen printing is based on the concept that unique prints are used to enhance the prints so the marketers can sell them to earn a profit.

In the screen printing this method, plastisol ink and cotton shirts are used for developing a screen-printed product. Only what is new, are the t-shirts; neither they are reused nor are they recycled. One cotton shirt needs a lot of resources for its production. Some estimates have stated 2700 litres of water are used for producing one plain cotton shirt, meaning an enormous water amount will be needed and a huge amount of cotton must be grown for meeting the multiplying demand for the t-shirts. Plastisol ink is having a base known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is comprised of two ingredients polyvinyl resin and liquid plasticizer, which are extremely harmful to health and the environment. This entire discussed product is not at all eco-friendly. Then what is the solution? Look at the further discussion to be clear about it.


How Do the Screen Printers Provide Eco–Friendly Screen Printing Services?

The screen printers abide by ethical screen printing that is beneficial to the planet and helps the brand at the same time. While screen printing merches for the brand owners in Texas as well as Grand Prairie, they take up ecologically responsible steps.


I. They Use Water-Based Ink

The greener alternative is water-based ink, which is the suspended pigments in water with zero plastics. The most volatile parts of the ink dry off, is good for skin and the garment feel is even lighter and more breathable. Once the water-based inks have been used, the screens and equipment are washed with plain water.


II. Printing On Quality Blanks

a. Organic Cotton Shirts

Organic cotton, made up of natural fibres is a good option for the shirts. It consumes less water and the crops are free from chemical treatment. It offers sustainability, durability and flexibility.


b. Bamboo T-Shirts

Bamboo tees are fabric made from tough bamboo, but in reality, they are silkier and softer than cotton trees.


c. Getting the Quantities and Sizing Right

If the order contains waste, then ink arrangement has to be made specific. Along with the number of tees to be printed, and the sizes needed for each ensures a good fit. In the process, it saves energy, fabric and ink.



Now, to keep the planet and the people safe, the screen printers take eco-friendly steps, and at each step, they ensure their approach is environmentally friendly. They prefer eco-friendly alternatives to move ahead with their environmentally friendly screen printing goals.


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