some tips on artwork for creating amazing screen printing designs

Some Tips On Artwork For Creating Amazing Screen Printing Designs

Some Tips On Artwork For Creating Amazing Screen Printing Designs 25Jun, 2020

Just after landing into artwork, rather the phase to create artwork, the first attempt is to account for the different considerations related to screen-printing. Owing to the nature of screen-printing along with its different variables like screen exposure, graphic designs for screen-printing and t-shirt fibers are different from the traditional designs as seen in printed form or on the web.

The professionals share some important tips for artwork creation through screen-printing.

Some tips on screen-printing as done by the professionals in Texas:

A vector graphics editor has set up the workspace desktop right inside the program for facilitating efficiency and the ideal way to do it is by creating a floating toolbar.
The used tools are put on the toolbar to ease out going into the menu at the top for selecting them.

Screen printing designers in Texas typically use the features like outline, alignment, fill and find, and replace for a major part of their job. Keeping these quick buttons on the desktop helps to speed up the production of art.

These guidelines are crucial to manipulate the artwork. For instance, a left or right chest logo having a 6-point outline fast disappears while scaling the image to attain a full back. The screen printing Texas designers change their outline to a specific object and then they outline it and the outline scales the image. As a result, they can move from the left or right chest to the front, center, full back so on, and so forth, without worrying about fixing the image outlines.

While designing the artwork for screen-printing, they are always mindful of the line thickness. Often they view and approve the created image on the monitor or on a paper.
The image essence remains the same, only the nature of the t-shirt print is different. Compared to paper, a shirt is more absorbent. The plastisol ink is driven to the garment through the printing process.

The lines’ boldness and thickness are affected and is counteracted through the sophisticated printing methods like the modified inks, high mesh counts, and proper off-contacts.

There is yet another consideration the designers keep in mind while designing, that is the negative space usage. While major backgrounds of the compute monitor are white, black is the popular t-shirt color.

The differences are considered at the design phase since it can change the designing ways. For instance, a white outline is suitable for printing the car tyres on a black t-shirt, where the alternative is creating a background for the art file in the chosen color of the shirt.

The designers keep the halftones in between 40% - 75% range as the halftones are within 0% - 100%.

A screen-printing designer is an artist, who is bound to keep these facts in mind, as these guidelines are the base for designing an artwork. All the guidelines are helpful to screen printers to create awesome artwork for being printed on the t-shirts.

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