what are the 4 common types of vinyl vehicle wraps

What Are The 4 Common Types Of Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

What Are The 4 Common Types Of Vinyl Vehicle Wraps 14Apr, 2021

Vehicle wrapping is one of the best ways to protect original car body paint. This is an economical, easy and fast process that gives a glossy look to your vehicle. Vehicle wraps are generally made of vinyl materials that give long-lasting performance. They are easy to install and no maintenance is required.

In this blog, we will discuss 4 common types of vehicle wraps:

Glossy wraps

The glossy wrap comes with a glossy and classic finish. This wrap is quite similar to the original paintwork of the vehicle. As compared to other custom vinyl vehicle wraps, it has a smoother finish and texture. Glossy wraps are widely available in a range of colour tones and designs. Some of them come with metallic flakes. Glossy wraps make your vehicles more stylish and beautiful. If you are planning to add a glossy finish to your car, you have to choose custom glossy wraps.

Matte wraps 

As the name implies, these wraps provide a matte finish to your vehicles. According to the professionals, matte wraps are classic and give a luxury look to your car. Like glossy vehicle wraps, matte wraps are also available in a wide range of styles, patterns and sizes. Matte wraps are extremely ideal for modern commercial vehicles. They are easy to install and require very low maintenance. They are highly cost-effective and they provide long-lasting performance.

Satin wrap

Satin wraps are semi-matte wraps that are highly prefered by modern car owners. The glossiness of this wrap is more matte and less than a glossy wrap. As a result, it reflects a small amount of sunlight. Satin vehicle signs in Grand Prairie provide a professional and look to your car. The sleek design of this wrap is very unique. So, if you want to make a combination of matte wrap and glossy wrap, a satin vehicle wrap is the perfect option to choose.

Brushed car wraps 

Last but not the least, brushed car wraps are widely used for modern vehicles. According to the professionals, brushed car wraps are categorised into 2 types including brushed texture vehicle wraps and brushed material vehicle wraps. If you want to prefer a more authentic finish to your car, brushed texture wraps can be the best option to choose. This is because they don’t have a high reflection. Moreover, brushed car wraps are very cost-effective and easy to install.

Vinyl wraps make your car beautiful and keep your body paint protected. If you would like to wrap your vehicle properly, call a reputable wrapping company near you.

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