what are the different printing techniques for business cards

What Are The Different Printing Techniques For Business Cards

What Are The Different Printing Techniques For Business Cards 05Aug, 2019

A proper business card contains a person’s name, phone number, e-mail address, company name or logo and website. There are several processes to make a business card. In this blog, we are going to discuss different business card Printing Techniques in depth.

Varnish Or Spot UV Printed Business Card Design

This is one of the popular finishes on business cards. Nowadays, this is a very common printing process. A varnish finish is a coating of silk, gloss or matte which can be applied to the card to enhance the look. Varnish also improves the durability of the card and makes it last longer. These cards have a glossy plastic feeling. By using the spot UV or ultraviolet varnishing, certain areas or parts of the card are made glossier.

Embossing Or Debossing Business Card Designs

In this printing technique, a certain amount of heat is pressed into the business card. Here, foil or ink is not required. Embossing gives a highly strong texture feeling to the business card. It gives a dense texture to the card.

Debossing is the reverse process of embossing. In this process, the paper is generally pressed instead of bulging. You can create a 3D effect by using this process. Generally, these two processes can be used in both letters and logos.

Foil Printing Card Designs

Foil is another Printing Technique that offers a very shiny and fine texture to your business card. In this technique, a colored foil is gently pressed into the paper with a heated die. This process helps to make the business card more elegant and unique. Usually, typography and logos are created by the foil printing technique.

Laser Cutting Business Card Designs

Laser cutting is another common printing technique which is used to cut the paper materials with the help of a laser. It is one of the remarkable methods to create the best business cards according to business card design statistics.

Die Cutting Business Card Designs

On the other hand, die-cutting is another famous method to create a business card. This is a very simple technique of cutting the business into several shapes and sizes. This process gives an elegant and unconventional look to your business card.

Matte Or Glossy Laminated Business Card Designs

Matte lamination gives a highly protective layer to your business cards. On the other hand, many people also prefer glossy and shiny lamination. This lamination is very much softer and water-resistant than matte lamination.

These are the most popular business card Printing techniques. All the techniques make the cards look very classy and stylish. So, which technique do you think is best for your business card?


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