what are the different types of car wraps

What Are The Different Types of Car Wraps?

What Are The Different Types of Car Wraps? 30Jan, 2020

Most of the vehicle wraps are made of PVC material or vinyl. The vehicle wrapping service is very advantageous. No matter which type of wrap you choose, you can get a number of benefits from the vehicle wrapping service. This service is relatively cost-effective. The wrap can easily be removed and it is very long-lasting. It can also protect the original car paintwork. High-quality vehicle wraps are widely available in Grand Prairie.

Some common types of car wraps are given below:

Glossy Wrap:

Glossy wrap may resemble the classic and original car paintwork. The finish of glossy car wrap is extremely smoother. This wrap is available in a wide range of colours and also comes with metallic flakes. A glossy car wrap can change the entire look of your vehicle. It can make your car more stylish. So, if you want to give your car a glossy finish then this wrap can be the ultimate choice for you.

Matte Wrap:

A matte wrap is the complete opposite of a glossy car warp. As the name implies, it offers a matte finish to your car. Lights can not be reflected on this surface. Matte wrap provides a classic look to your vehicle. It also makes your car uncommon. The matte car wraps create a number of designs and textures. People in Grand Prairie prefer to install this wrap because of its unique style.

Satin Wrap:

The glossiness is more in satin car wrap as compared to the matte. However, you could never see any proper reflection on the wrapping surface, but a minimum amount of light can be reflected than a matte car wrap. Satin wrap gives a very professional look to your car. So, it can be used for mobile advertising. Apart from that satin wrap offers a very sleek design. So, if you are looking for a combination of glossy and matte, then satin car wrap can be the best choice.

Brushed Car Wrap:

A brushed car wrap is classified into 2 different types. They include brushed texture car wrap and brushed material car wrap. Both are unique. However, brushed texture car wrap offers an authentic look to your car in comparison to the second one because it does not have a sharp reflection. A brushed wrap can be easily installed. It can give a new look to your car.

So, these are the common types of car wraps. Now, the choice is in your hand. You need to choose any one of them as per your personal style. However, always choose a reputable and trusted company for car wrapping service.

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