what are the major steps of the silk screen printing method

What are the major steps of the silk screen printing method?

What are the major steps of the silk screen printing method? 05Mar, 2021

Silkscreen printing is a very common t-shirts printing method that is highly recommended by experts. A variety of designs can be printed by using the screen printing method. Check out the major steps of silk screen printing and their key benefits.

Steps of silk screen printing:

Silkscreen printing is a simple and quick method. So, it contains very few steps. According to the experts, silk screen printing can be done in the following ways.

Create the Design:

As with any t-shirt printing technique, the very first step in silk screen printing is to prepare the artwork. The artwork is generally done with the help of design software, however, it’s essential that it should be exported in the final format for final printing.

Decide on a mesh count & screen:

Once the design is prepared, the mesh count & screen is properly selected. Based on the detail of the design, you should have a certain mesh count. A higher mesh count can make it easy to print with finer details. The mesh count mainly measures the total amount of fibers in 1 square inch.

Cover the screen with emulsion:

After that, the emulsion needs to be created as well as mixed in a proper way. Once it is done, the custom t-shirts design experts in Arlington use photosensitive emulsion to coat the mesh screen properly. It generally makes a green background. There are 3 types of emulsions are used in screen printing. They are diazo, SBQ-based and Dual-cure emulsions. After that, let the screen dry.

Prepare a stencil:

Preparing the stencil is essential for the silk screen printing method. After drying the screen, the design is properly placed on the top & then it is placed by using the soft adhesive. Then the screen is properly placed under the UV light (350 to 420 nanometers). Now the screen is ready to print.

Final design:

After that, the screen is now ready. The t-shirt is properly placed under the screen printing machine to print the custom design. Depending on the customer requirements, a variety of designs can be created on the t-shirts.

Key advantages of silk screen printing:

  • Produces premium quality prints
  • Produces vibrant and bold colours
  • A variety of designs can be created
  • A versatile and fast method
  • Ideal for bulk orders

Silkscreen printing is an easy and very effective option to choose if you want to print bulk t-shirts. The method is simple and comparatively less expensive as compared to other printing techniques.

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