where to place embroidery on different item to make it pop

Where To Place Embroidery On Different Item To Make It Pop?

Where To Place Embroidery On Different Item To Make It Pop? 22Mar, 2023

Embroideries are making a long-awaited comeback these days. They're cleaning up everywhere. They can make your clothes look stylish and your accessories stand out. Embroidery is making a name for itself everywhere, from big fashion labels to fast fashion trends. So now is the time to think about putting some embroidery on your merchandise or commercial uniform. Embroidery can easily add a finishing touch to your merchandise or commercial uniform. However, knowing where to put it and how to put it on various pieces of clothing or accessories is essential.

Let’s hear from embroidery designers & printers in Dallas to know where should you place embroidery -

Polo Shirts:

The classic polo shirt is the perfect clothing item to place embroidery on. The embroidery can be placed on the left side of the chest. The monochromatic polo shirt allows making the embroidery to pop. The position of the embroidery makes it easier for one to highlight the embroidery in a chic manner.


Aprons are the standard uniform worn by all employees in many bakeries and baristas. Everyone from the front desk to the chefs can put on an apron. The apron not only keeps your clothes clean, but it also keeps your food clean. By placing the embroidery in the middle of the apron, you can get two benefits: one, you can use it as a uniform by placing the embroidery of the brand's name and logo, and two, it can be used for branding purposes. Thus, simply placing the embroidery in the center highlights the embroidery.


Backpacks are used by everyone. From a school-going kid to an adult. Thus, they are perfect accessories for your merchandise. When it comes to embroidery prints, you can place them anywhere on the backpack. You can even opt for different sizes. Embroidery experts in Dallas say one can keep embroidery minimal with smaller prints or you can go for chunky embroidery prints. They are perfectly versatile for any embroidery print size and placement.


The classic baseball caps are no longer a fashion disaster. But they have cemented their position in the hipster fashion trend. Regular baseball caps are thus not just practical but also fashionable. One can easily cash on it by manufacturing some cool-looking baseball caps. Embroidery artists in Dallas can help you make caps look unique by adding a touch of embroidery. Embroidery on the front of the cap is the norm, but you can be a non-conformist and add it to the back of the cap. You can even place your brand’s name and logo to make it your merchandise. 

Tote bags:

Owing to its utility, the classic tote bag never goes out of style. Tote bags have two faces and are large rectangular bags. Both faces can be used to add oomph to the bag. Adding embroidery is a simple way to accomplish this. Dallas printers recommend embroidery on tote bags because it does not fade over time. The shape of your tote bag will not change no matter how many times you wash it after heavy use. As a result, you should think about adding tote bags to your product line.

We hope, by going through this piece, you have gained some perspective on how to accessories different clothing gears and accessories with embroidery. The versatile embroidery print can make any item shine and showcase the print for a long time too. Just remember to hire a good embroidery artist in Dallas before you send in your bulk order. 

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